Turn any object into a connected device with these printable tags | T17

LiveTag - The metal tags are made from arrays of copper foil printed onto thin, flexible, paper-like substrates and are made to reflect WiFi signals. They could be attached to plain objects, like water bottles, walls or doors, and turn them into 'smart' Internet of Things devices.

These plain objects then basically become smart, connected devices that can signal a WiFi device whenever a user interacts with them. The tags can also be molded into thin keypads or smart home control panels that can be used to remotely operate WiFi-connected speakers, smart lights and other Internet of Things appliances. These metal tags are designed to only reflect specific signals within in the WiFi frequency range. The technology has been developed at the the UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering. Future potential applications include LiveTag being used as an inexpensive way to assess the recovery of patients who have suffered from stroke.

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