These quantum bits are secured

The technological vision of building a quantum computer does not only depend on computer and information science. New insights in theoretical physics, too, are pivotal for advancement in the practical execution.

Every computer or communication device contains information embedded in physical systems. According to the researchers at Princeton University, in the case of a quantum computer, we use spin qubits, for example, to realize information processing. The theoretical findings were contributed by those working at the University of Konstanz.

In the quest for the quantum computer, spin qubits and their magnetic properties are the center of attention. To use spins as memory in quantum technology, they must be lined up, since otherwise they cannot be controlled precisely.

The current study emphasizes on theoretical models and calculations of how the quantum bits can be shielded from electric or magnetic noise, which is an important contribution to basic research for a quantum computer. If this noise can be shielded for even the momentary of times, thousands of computer operations can be carried out in these fractions of a second, theoretically.


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