Now, artificial intelligence controls quantum computers

Quantum computers could solve complex tasks that are beyond the capabilities of conventional computers. But, the quantum states are extremely sensitive to constant interference from their environment. Now, researchers at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light have presented a quantum error correction system that is capable of learning thanks to artificial intelligence.

AlphaGo, the computer program famous for winning at Go, against the world’s leading player, used artificial neural networks, which can recognize visual patterns and are even capable of learning. Unlike a human, the program was able to practice hundreds of thousands of games in a short time, eventually surpassing the best human player.

Now, these researchers are using neural networks of this kind to develop error-correction learning for a quantum computer. Artificial neural networks are computer programs that imitate the behavior of interconnected nerve cells (neurons). In the case of the research here, around two thousand artificial neurons are connected with one another.

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