How trustworthy is digital forensic evidence?

The digital forensic methods that are currently used to recover data and interpret it are rigorous, but not good enough to meet the standard used in calibration and testing laboratories. Digital forensics is the recovery and investigation of digital devices and digital materials, often related to serious wrongdoings, targeting more localized issues within the workplace

Researchers at the University of York examined digital forensic laboratories in England and Wales. It has been shown that evidence of the accuracy of digital forensic methods may be missing from the regulatory framework.

Digital forensic laboratories are accredited by the same body as that for DNA analysis labs. However, for DNA evidence, there is a standard certification that proves the validity of the methods used. As such, digital forensic methods should be tested before they're used, and customers be offered known good methods before anything else is considered. But according to the researchers it quite the contrary that is seen presently.

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