Here’s a scalable platform for on-chip quantum emitters

Researchers at Stevens Institute of Technology and Columbia University have developed a scalable process for forming large numbers of these quantum light sources on a chip with unparalleled precision that not only could pave the way for the development of unbreakable cryptographic systems but also quantum computers that can perform complex calculations in seconds that would take normal computers years to finish.

The researchers describe this new method as being able to create quantum light sources, on demand, in any desired location on a chip, by stretching an atom-thin film of semiconducting material over nano-cubes made of gold.

Previous research had tested methods for fabricating quantum emitters in defined locations, but these designs were not scalable or efficient at activating single photons often enough to be practically useful. The research team changed all that by becoming the first to combine spatial control and scalability, with the ability to efficiently emit photons on demand.


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