A major step forward in the production of 'green' hydrogen

Source: Newcastle University The first thermo-dynamically reversible chemical reactor capable of producing hydrogen as a pure product stream represents a 'transformational' step forward in the chemical industry.

The novel reactor avoids mixing reactant gases by transferring oxygen between reactant streams via a solid state oxygen reservoir.

  • This reservoir is designed to remain close to equilibrium with the reacting gas streams as they follow their reaction trajectory and thus retains a 'chemical memory' of the conditions to which it has been exposed.

  • The result is that hydrogen is produced as a pure product stream, removing the need for costly separation of the final products.

  • Hydrogen is a clean and useful energy store and can be used as a fuel, to generate electricity and can be stored and transported via the gas networks.

  • All processes, be they chemical, mechanical or electrical, are thermodynamically irreversible, and are less efficient that they otherwise could be.

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