A Graphene Jacket, anyone? | T19

It costs 595 Euros and according to its makers, shares many of the magical properties of graphene–absorbing heat and then warming you up over time, conducting electricity, repelling bacteria, and dissipating your body’s excess humidity!

The jacket has been developed and marketed by Vollebak. Graphene is the thinnest possible form of graphite, found in everyday pencil. It’s purely bi-dimensional, a single layer of carbon atoms that has incredible properties that will one day transform everything from aerospace engineering to medicine. Its varied uses are apparently endless: It can stop a bullet if enough layers are added. It can change the color of hair with no adverse effects. It can turn the walls of our homes into a giant fire detector. It’s even so strong and so elastic that the fibers of a spider web coated in graphene could catch a falling plane!

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